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With this simple search engine you can select the notes that you'd like to see.
The functioning of the search engine is very simple: you select or insert the condition you are interested in and press the button Apply; the page changes and the result of your request is shown.
If you insert more than one condition, all the conditions have to be satisfied for the note.

  • if in 'Country is..' you select 'Fiji', all the notes from Fiji in my collection will be shown.
  • if in 'Front description contains...' you write 'King', all then notes with images of kings in front will be shown.
  • if in 'Category is...' you select 'Polymer plastic note' AND in 'Continent is...' you select 'Oceania', all the plastic notes (not the paper ones) from the country of Oceania will be shown.
  • if you select 'Preview' = yes the results page contains a little image of the note (slightly slower). In any case you can see the note in full size by clicking the link or the image.

Continent is...

Country is...

Category is...
(work in progress)
Front description contains...
Back description contains...
Global description contains...
Max rows for page 5 10 20 50
Preview No Yes    
From the latest inserted No Yes    

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